Geistliche is a German Word

For those wishing for some truly new Christmas music that is A) not horrible and B) not the same songs with different arrangements, Nachmu has a recommendation: Die Geistliche Nachtigall by René Celemencic .

I find that since we are bombarded by Christmas music from the moment the Thanksgiving turkey is in the oven, and since any new Christmas music is banal, not hopeful nor in any way eschatological, not happy nor comforting, instead basically solipsistic, I am constantly searching for an escape from it all so that I can enjoy some sort of happy progression from Autumn to the Winter Festivities, or whatever we call the Christmas season these days.  I might even want to observe Advent (*gasp!*). René Clemencic delivers an alternative.

This traditional Austrian Christmas experience is familiar enough to recognize, but it has a handful of more obscure Christmas expressions, mostly culled from medieval religious sacred music and also folk music. Thus, we have a distinctly Christmas recording filled with many interesting variations of melody and tune, not to mention the wide variety of folk instruments employed. Nachmu doesn’t even recognize some of the instruments, what with their buzzing and clicking nature, but after several listens over the past three years, I anticipate hearing the weird drones and whistles as part of my celebration of Christ’s birth.