Thai in Tonawanda?

Is it possible to find some delicious Thai food in Tonawanda? Indeed, it is! Welcome to Yummy Thai, a fantastic little find on Webster Street in North Tonawanda.One is more inclined to find a Pizza-Subs-Wings-Tacos shop, and there are many, and Nachmu has eaten at almost all of them, and they are almost all good (it’s amazing that the bad ones stay in business; this is a mystery to me), and if you want more of a family dining experience, one will find Italian restaurants in heavy supply, peppered by the occasional Greek restaurant (chicken souvlaki: good).  Thus, one may say that Tonawanda has lots of delicious foods, but not much in the way of a nice, sit-down place to have a quiet meal with the service of a waitress.

As an aside, we have a few Chinese restaurants, too, but they’re nothing to write about: not bad, not good.

Yummy Thai, on the other hand, has established itself as a reliable plate from somewhere removed from the immediate influence of the Mediterranean. The menu is broad but not overwhelming, the recipes are tasty but not too complex, and the music is foreign but not distracting.

The service? Well, when I first tried Yummy Thai, a Russian girl was our waitress. She was disappointed in New York; I think she heard “New York,” without understanding that New York is a state, not a city, and that the city is on the other side of the Empire State, which is so-called because it’s a huge state. She’s no longer with the Yummy Thai establishment.

A Chinese young lady has taken her place, which is still not quite Thailand, but is in the neighborhood. I hope she stays a while.

Nevertheless, have confidence that quiet little North Tonawanda has lovely Thai food to complement its many and wonderful Pizza joints, Italian eateries, and Greek restaurants.