Psalm 148

There are kings, and there are not-kings. Princes, dukes, lords rank below kings, and often vie for the throne, making for excellent reading and a handful of entertaining television shows and movies. Of course, for those of you who are not a king, a prince, a duke, or a lord (queen, princess, duchess, lady), you’re a man and a woman, a lad or a lass, a young man or a maiden: you’re nothing and you’re something. You, of course, cheer on your favorite prince, duke, or lord to obtain the throne, or your king to defend his throne.

As we dwell beneath the sun, the moon and stars, who wheel about us in their courses, we praise God, accompanied by the manatee and whale, the chickadee and robin, bees, bulls and bears, led by angels in the highest places, the unseen realm of heaven, which must be populated by great living mountains, echoing with the praises of man and angel, king and maiden, old and young of every created being in all eternity.

We praise Jesus, the Son of the living God, for everything he has done for us. He’s made us kings and queens (and dukes, ahem), a people for his own, and brought us near him, to exist with him as we are and as he is, just as he intended from the beginning. Let it resound!