Nachmu: what to say, what to do, about Nachmu? First is to tell you what it means: nachmu is the Hebrew word which opens Isaiah 40. “‘Comfort, comfort my people,’ says your God.”

Life is filled with consequence, mostly discomfort, mostly uncomfortable, mostly trouble and unhappiness. At the same time, we know that life is a precious thing, giving us untold value in real happiness, real joy, real experience and pleasure. Both are true, and both affect us, usually traveling alongside each other day-by-day. As the Metaphysical Poets are wont to say: a frog is in every garden. As I am wont to say: weeds, flies, and miserable sweat are in every garden; the Metaphysical Poets have too many servants.

Whence, then, comfort? What is it and where does it come from? Comfort, first and foremost is in the Resurrection of the Body; there can be no doubt about that, or all is lost. Of course, comfort has its beginning in the Creation. Since comfort is in creation from the beginning, and since creation is animated by the resurrection, then comfort must be making itself available in the meantime and in the mean-place.

Comfort is everywhere about and within, in the great events of life, in the mundane events of life, in the rejoicing, in the sorrow, even in the petty complaints; comfort belongs to you as a valuable possession: even as the produce of a garden is coaxed from the flies, bees, toads, heat, fungus, rabbits, weeds, and the unwilling earth herself, the reluctant mother, the merciless, accursed creation, comfort is teased out from the tangled, dispossessed life of you.

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