South Buffalo Chronicles: Peter Zalocha

Nachmu welcomes Peter Zalocha to the Comfort House for a nice little sit-down, where we talked about my favorite place in the whole world to visit, South Buffalo. It’s a small place on the map, but a big place in the hearts of many. You might find some characters, restaurants, streets, and attitudes from your childhood in South Buffalo, no matter where you grew up.

“Utica, New York? Utica, New York.”



Inaugurating Comfort

Welcome to my exploration for comfort in an anxious world, starting here in Western New York (Buffalo-Niagara Falls) and reaching for the transcendental emotive will, whatever that is, but discovering it within us.


June 18, 2013


“The St. Louis Cardinals have been the best team in baseball all season.”

After complaining about media bias against the best team in baseball, Nachmu examines the problem of boredom in men who retire early, and talks about bureaucracy versus the individual.

Hey, how about those sponsors? Crossroads Music Center and Duke Financial.

June 6, 2013: D-Day


“There’s real flesh on the other side of the transcendental.”

Nachmu gives an homage to the warriors of D-Day, an homage that only begins to pay tribute. In addition, let’s tease our friends and neighbors, depending on what mood we’re in at the moment.

Sponsorship: Crossroads Music Center, Duke Financial